PhoebE Brooks (Theater Creature)

The Country Wife by William Wycherley

Directed By Phoebe Brooks

The Country Wife is the ultimate English Restoration comedy. It’s full of archetypal characters and classic comedic situations surrounding the sexual conquests of our rakish hero. SWP's updated version of the play in order to explore the interplay between gender and sexuality. Wycherley was lampooning his society’s preoccupation with the appearance of morality. Spicy Witch's production goes a step further by examining our societal obsession with the binary performance of gender.

The "Cuntry Wife" repertory season explored sexual freedom and gender fluidity. This season paired a genderqueer interpretation of The Country Wife, a classic Restoration Comedy, with the world premiere of The Cunt by Elle Anhorn.


Zach Bryant, Katie Fanning, Kristin Guerin, Tim Haber, Hannah Hammel, Zach Libresco, Isaac Miller and Samantha Nugent

Production Team

Production Stage Manager: Frances Swanson
Lighting Designer: Yi-Chung Chen
Hair & Makeup Designer: Meagan Gorham
Props Designer: Megan McQueeney
Set Designer: Robert Burszytn

Assistant Stage Manager: Chiara Johnson
Costume Designer: Alexandra Rozansky
Sound Designer: Andrew Tarr
Projections Designer: Caleb Sharp