PhoebE Brooks (Theater Creature)

Spicy Witch's "Reigning Women" season explored the complex history of women in charge, finding both tragedy and hilarity in the journey from the dueling monarchs Mary Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth I to the working women chipping away at the glass ceiling in today's corporate culture. During the stark political aftermath of early 2017, these two plays investigated the timely questions of when - if ever- our society is finally ready to let women take control.


Meghan Blakeman, Olivia Jampol, Sam Ogilvie, Jonathon Ryan, Dan Selinger, Pearl Shin, Nicholas Vasilios Pappas & Kimberlee Walker 

Mary Stuart by Friedrich Schiller

Adapted & Directed By Phoebe Brooks

Production Team-

Set Design: Beth Svenningsen
Sound Design: Carsen Jewell Joenk
Costume Design: Danica Martino
Fight Choreographer: Jon Meyer
Stage Manager: Franny Swanson
Assistant Directors: Niki Afsar,

Nkenna Ibeakanma
Lighting Design: Yi-Chung Chen
Graphics Design: Sophie Golomb
Props Design: Megan McQueeney


by Kristin Slaney

Directed By Phoebe Brooks

(Spicy Witch Productions 2017 Repertory Season)