Phoebe Brooks (Theater Creature)


Alison Tai - Digital Media Manager
Grace Oberhofer - Production Assistant 
Marnie Kingsley - Costume Designer
​Samantha Egle - Fight Choreographer
​Devin Shacket - Casting
​Megan McQueeney - Stage Manager
Lauren Machlica - Graphic Designer
Rachel Birnbaum, Louis Schermerhorn, Zack Zamchick - Producers

Trading fours and Shakespearean verse in equal measure, Hamlet The Hip-Hopera puts a modern, still-reverent remix on the Bard's classic. The core of the text remains intact (as does its setting), but its means of communication - rap battles, dueling verses, slam poetry - are entirely new. In place of sprawling tragedy is a taut, surprisingly comic, lyrically-driven take on one of Shakespeare's greatest works. Voted Fringe Favorite in the New York International Fringe Festival.


Tucker Delaney Winn

Steven Bono Jr

Mark Ryan Anderson

Jessie Cannizzaro

Virginia Hamilton

Alex Haynes

​Joel Mark Mijares

James Sawyer

Dan Selinger

Kimberlee Walker​​

Hamlet The hip Hopera by Tucker Delaney Winn

Directed By PhoebE Brooks