PhoebE Brooks (Theater Creature)

Hamlet by William Shakespeare

Conducted By Phoebe Brooks

Smith Alfieri :: Horatio
Laurel Andersen :: Guildenstern Understudy
Tara Bradway :: Hamlet
Jennifer Brunker :: Polonius, 1 Clown/Gravedigger
Amelia Dudley :: Ophelia, Fortinbras
Doug Durlacher :: Claudius 
Shaina Ferguson :: Player King, Reynaldo
Mandy Heiser :: Laertes, Player Queen 
Sean Lounsbury :: Guildenstern / Hamlet Understudy
Shawn Morgenlander :: Marcellus, Osric
Patrick Siler :: Rosencrantz, Ghost/ Hamlet Understudy
Simone Stadler :: Gertrude, Barnardo 

Stage Manager- Laurel Andersen

Fight Choreography- Amelia Dudley

Performances at Pendragon Theater, Upper Jay Recovery Center, The Wood Theater and Adirondack Correctional Facility.

Something is rotten in the State of Denmark. Shakespeare's epic masterpiece crackles with raw energy as the Adirondack Shakespeare Company delivers all of the intensity, humor, and majesty of the finest tragedy in the English language. On tour around the Adirondack Park region.