Chiara Johnson


Joe Reese - Man Online

Smith Alfieri - Aspen

Eric Austin - Conrad (the Troll)

Jay Miguel Reist - Jeffrey

Big Bad Little Bad by Isaac Allen Miller

Directed By Phoebe Brooks

A new play that explores masculinity, storytelling, and magic in the internet age. High school freshperson Aspen longs for the fantasy world she glimpses in her books and card games. High school freshperson Jeffrey longs for a girlfriend that looks like Aspen. Conrad longs for the days when he had three hundred heads and a big bushy tail. The play follows their navigation through a social world rife with confusing desires and lop-sided narratives – dealing with a frayed old troll named Conrad and an amorphous figure of truly blue wisdom named the Man Online. Produced at Dixon Place.

PhoebE Brooks (Theater Creature)